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Before I go to you, I will contact you to find out what exactly should be done on your bike. It is important for me to know what replacement parts I need. You should tell me your impression from your last rides, how old your bike is and when it got the last maintenance. You will receive from me an estimate of the effort and the expected cost of my service at your place. If necessary, I will also clean your bike on site. This is especially important if I have to dismantle assemblies or even open a bearing for maintenance so that no thread or bearing gets dirty. I charge a flat rate of 20 € for this. If you clean your bike yourself beforehand, please never use a high-pressure cleaner. The garden hose or a bucket of water with a brush are excellent for this.


  • Small service: usually includes the care of the components (clean, lubricate, adjust).
    • For example, for the chain:
    • Cleaning through a cloth,
    • Checking the wear with a gauge,
    • lubricating the chain with a high quality oil (e.g. F100).
  • Major service: includes also the replacement of parts.
    • For example, for the chain, necessary when the wear gauge indicates that the chain is too long:
    • Replacement of the chain, if necessary also cassette and / or sprocket on the crank,
    • Checking the gear shift,
    • Replacement of the shift cable.

I offer the small or large service for all components.


  • Minor inspection includes:
    • Cleaning of the wheel if necessary
    • Test ride
    • Checking the chain, tires (casing, tube, milk, rim tape) for wear
    • Checking the headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs for freewheeling
    • Checking of the wheels, if necessary centering of the wheels
    • Checking the mounted light system
    • Checking/adjusting the gears
    • Checking the brake pads, the pressure point of hydraulic brakes
  • Major inspection (should be performed 1x per year) includes:
    • Small inspection
    • Opening, cleaning and lubrication of headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs
    • If necessary, replacement of brake and shift cables
    • If necessary, change hydraulic oil of hydraulic brakes, mandatory for synthetic oil (DOT)
    • Adjustment of the suspension to the system weight (wheel, rider, luggage)

After own inspection of your bike, you will get an invoice/receipt from me via email. Please pay the amount directly after the handover in cash or depending on mobile phone connection, this can also be done via MasterCard or Paypal.

I plan single appointments with my cargo bike, which means that depending on the battery I have a radius of 25km around Bad Vilbel. Unfortunately, I cannot do this long distance for a tube change, because I have more time for getting there and back than for the actual service.

Mileage fee
Mobile means, I will gladly come to you. For this I charge 0,50 € per kilometer, calculated from Bad Vilbel or my last assignment.

come to you
I come to you