My name is Jury Tiessen and I am a passionate cyclist. Since 1992 I’ve been riding my mountain bike through the forests of Hesse, in times when navigation was still done with maps and when brakes were not yet hydraulic and bikes with suspension seemed like UFOs. Since then, a lot has happened and our bikes have evolved, up to the full-suspension e-bike. In the meantime, in addition to mountain biking, I also ride a gravel and prefer to do that on tours with my family or friends. I love to work out tours in advance to experience a nice day on the two-wheeler together.

From the passion for cycling also developed the ambition to repair my own bikes myself and also those of family, friends and neighbors. It was always a pleasure for me to watch a bike being repaired and then being able to ride further kilometers with its owners. Due to the many requests, whether I can repair a wheel, I have now brought the most diverse types of wheels back to shape and made this my mission.